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Nov 2018 - Wisp, talk of Malta AI and Blockchain Summit

Sam Helmy presenting at Malta Summit

Neovate was at the center of attention during the 2018 Malta AI and Blockchain Summit, with a presentation made by CEO, Sam Helmy, attended by over 500 delegates and dignitaries at the event. Speaking on the shortcomings of current smart home technology, the presentation highlighted how expensive and proprietary the current industry standards are. It created barriers to adoption by the wide masses. Additionally, highlighted that the current available AI technologies allowed for far more verbous and flexible interface with home automation and digital services than most available solutions were focused on.

The team spent two days meeting with prominent figures in the industry and property development partners to showcase the Wisp platform and what it intends to offer, i.e. a much more affordable and intuitive alternative that truly captures the life of the future by integrating a diverse variety of home automation smart appliances and digital services within Wisp, allowing residents to have natural language spoken control of these elements without the need for complexity or expensive proprietary hubs.

Neovate and Tokeny Team

During the summit, Neovate attended several round table meetings and spoke with several technology and business partners in the AI and Blockchain industry, with regards to the plans to make Wisp a blockchain-friendly platform that can use blockchain in security and payments. Additionally, conversations were started regarding the planned launch of the first compliant Security Token Offering -with Tokeny Solutions as technology and issuance partners- that wraps Wisp equity with asset-backing in one of Neovate's property developments.

December 2018 - Wisp wins the Veblen Pitch Competition

Pitch Logo

Wisp was declared the winner of the 2018 Veblen Pitch Competition, which was launched out of the EU and involved over 20 participants from all over the World. Wisp managed to gain a spot in the finals after winning the first round on November 13, and had to stand against DigiTix, the US based decentralized ticketing platform. After a 30 minute Q&A session in front of six judges, Wisp managed to achieve a majority vote and claim the winning spot.

The priorities were demonstrating the most viable working model and a credible team capable of delivering on the strategy, as well as present a compelling vision that shows a clear solution to a genuine problem. Financials were also high on the priority and were discussed in-depth along with market trends, and after discussing through the different aspects, the judges felt the Wisp platform had all the checkmarks needed to succeed as a tech startup and can at the same time bring in a justifiable return to investors.

March 2019 - Wisp Artificial Intelligence Assistant featured on BFM Radio

Listen to the interview through the player below, or click here to download if you have browser issues

Sam Helmy, CEO of Wisp Technologies

April 2019 - Wisp launch Release

Wisp AI

"Move Over Jarvis, Wisp is Here", a feature write up on Wisp. It was circulated on multiple magazines as well as some online portals in South East Asia.

This was the first press release issued by Wisp announcing publicly the development of the platform and discussing the specifics of its technology and the platform's capabilities. Read more on the published story here.

August 2019 - Wisp Artificial Intelligence Assistant developer launches its share offering as an STO on Tokeny's platform


Wisp AI, the first integrated seamless conversational AI voice assistant, has just launched its share offering as a compliant Security Token Offering (STO) on Tokeny Solutions’ platform, the compliant tokenization platform based out of Luxembourg.

This is the company’s first asset-backed shares offering and it is in the form of “Tokenized Securities”, fully compliant with EU regulations. The attention to this project has been high as they have already attracted private investors in their pre-seed round and are now set to deploy the platform across multiple markets. Read the details in this press release

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